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27.01 Warszawa: House Dance Workshops-Byron Cox/USA w Step Dealers

27 stycznia Step Dealers odwiedzi gwiazda sceny House'owej z USA - Byron Cox. W godzinach 17:30-19:30 przy ul. Miedzianej 11 w Warszawie odbędą się wyjątkowe warsztaty taneczne, więcej info w linku, polecamy! :)

"Ludziska !!!Mamy przyjemność zaprosić Was na konkretne szaleństwo z wyjątkową postacią sceny House'owej !!!! Byron Cox/USA w Step Dealers. Bierzcie siostry, braci, matki, żony i kochanki, mężowie i kochankowie też mile widziani ;) Przeżyjmy house'owe uniesienia razem :)
Kim jest Byron Cox ?
Byron Cox is a community activist, dancer, and business man, motivated by the tenants of the House Dance community. Rising from an unlikely background, Byron has seen to the growth of house internationally while focusing on each individual soul. His company, The House Dance Project has produced champion competitors, teachers, and given rise to companies around the world. Byron was born to immigrant parents in New York City. After moving to South Jersey, Byron became known for his exploits in vocal renditions of gospel, standards, and Broadway music with dance as hobby. With the likes of Michael Jackson, Heavy D, and T.R.O.O.P.E, along with the local heroes of the Philadelphia and Camden scenes, the love for dance developed along side his aggressive pursuits in technology consulting. Moving to New York City in 2000, he was exposed to New York’s underground and never looked back. This warm and friendly environment served as a church during the trials of 9/11 and its healing power the impetus for forming The House Dance Project. After a year with Body Poets, Byron worked full time on The House Dance Project, Performing for headline house artists and featured in numerous documentaries. After performing at The Duke, Dance Space Center, and the Winter Music Conference for Louie Vega, Byron went on to choreograph Mr V’s “Da Bump” video and record release, along with various other artists. He has taught and lectured throughout New York City, including NYU, DNA, Peridance, and PMT, and has collaborated on one of the first all house feature length productions “International Meeting” in Sweden and blazed the stage with THDP at Dancefest in San Francisco. With his longstanding family and crew, "Reset" debuted in New York City and still stands as the premier example of house dance staging, receiving thousands of hits from video views around the world. Expanding his family to include the Spiritshop crew, Byron has performed with the top talent of central Europe for Hip Hop Kemp and the internationally sanctioned IDO event, Beatstreet.  While growing up in the battle scenes of New York and Philadelphia, Byron has represented his craft as The winner for various international battles including World Dance Colosseum - Japan, The Styles Crash - Poland, New York City Jacks and The Urban Movement Tour - Philadelphia.  While performing is fun, some of his best work is in the studio sharing with people who love house and in the clubs chasing beats, feelings and sounds. The organic nature of the dance is always paramount in his mind and translates to the floor in each step."

Co? House Dance Workshops-Byron Cox/USA w Step Dealers
Gdzie? Step Dealers - ul. Miedziana 11, Warszawa
Kiedy? 27.01 , 17:30-19:30
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